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12 Tips On Choosing Paint Colors For Interior

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When picking out the colors for your dream home’s interior, we recommend starting from your favorite colors. This will help create a uniquely ‘you’ atmosphere in the home and also help your home stand out from others.

In this article, I plan to help you use your favorite colors to create your new color palette. These tips will help you pick colors that you won’t get bored of easily.

So, here are the 12 tips on choosing paint colors for the interior:

1) Get Inspired With Other Colors

Find magazines and catalogs of home interiors and look at interiors that catch your fancy. Use the internet too, especially Pinterest, because you will be spoiled for choice there. Get an idea board and pin ideas for furniture, décor, and color on it.

You can use these colors as your primary choices for colors.

2) Create Your Color Scheme Using Color Theory

Color theory is an interesting take on how colors blend and contrast each other. However, you don’t need to know the color theory to be able to pick a good color palette. Instead, use a simple color wheel to generate color scheme ideas.

This color wheel is easy to use and gives you a whole lot of options when it comes to interior paint colors.

3) Reimagine Painting With Neutrals

Neutral colors are a great way to maintain balance inside. However, they don’t have to look plain or boring. One of my favorite ways is to create a striped wall with neutral colors. A neutral-colored wall with a pastel-colored ceiling is a subtle way to use neutral colors.

The key is to make sure that the colors provide a soothing vibe to the interior without looking too plain.

4) Use Fabric To Pick Out Colors

You can use your furniture and fabrics for ideas into paint selection. You can get print fabrics of different colors and find out the mood for the room. If you want an accented wall, pick a bolder paint color. For a more subtle feel, pick a color that’s in one of the smaller details in your print fabric.

You can also take your fabric swatch to the paint shop to pick out your interior colors.

5) Bring Some Outside Elements Inside

With the pandemic forcing us indoors, it’s time to bring the outside in. Do this by picking out some nice foliage-green colors for the living room. You can also go for relaxing ocean blue shades for a great chill living room. That said, test out your paints during the day and night.

You can also use landscapes as an inspiration. But be careful as there is a slimline between your paint choice looking artsy and gaudy.

6) Use Artwork Colors For Your Paints

If you are into art like paintings, you can derive some colors from these paintings. Some interior decorators pick out colors that accent a particular artwork, allowing the two to blend with synergy.

Using artwork to find your paint colors will allow your interior to have a better flow. However, changing the artwork down the road will end up disrupting this flow. So, only use this tip if you are going to keep the artwork for a while.

7) Use Historical Color Patterns For Added Inspiration

Humans have been using paint since the dawn of time. So, any imaginable color pattern has probably been used before. Why not use historical colors to get some inspiration?

Look at some historical décor styles to find some ideas for your interior paint colors. That said, try out the colors with your setup to ensure its ability to blend with your home.

8) Pick A Lighter Or Darker Shade

The favorite color you picked out for your room may not always fit in with the rest of the décor. If this is the case, you can consider a lighter or darker shade of the same color. You can use a paint strip to pick a different shade and see if it matches the décor.

You can also pop into one of the local paint shops and get a second opinion on the shades.

9) Pick The Right Undertone For The Room

Undertones are colors that are under your favorite paint colors. This is where a simple beige color may have a strong green undertone. If you are picking out colors, be sure to pick the right undertone.

Picking I poor choice for your undertone can disrupt the flow of the room. My suggestion, talk to the guys at the paint shop for some expert advice.

10) Do Some Homework Before Choosing Your Paints

When picking out colors, the wide range of choices can be dizzying. So, do your homework before heading to the paint shop to avoid making the wrong decision. Use catalogs, magazines, and fabric swatches for inspiration.

I suggest making a shortlist of the colors you are biased towards for your new home. This will help you make a better-informed decision.

11) Sample Your Colors Before Buying

Even if you have decided to get a few paints, make sure you sample them before buying them. Often, the color of the paint may look different on paper and the wall. So, take a sample of the color and paint a patch on the wall to see how it looks.

Do not skip this step and you won’t have to deal with the regret of a badly chosen paint color.

12) Don’t Forget About The Colors’ Flow

When painting the interior of a house, don’t pick colors with only the individual rooms in mind. Make sure that the colors flow with each other to create a pleasant and surreal experience for your guests.

Synergy and flow are important when it comes to picking out colors for your dream house.

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