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Top 5 Beautiful Casino Construction Designs

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Stunning Bellagio Hotel Casino in Las Vegas

Have you ever been to a casino? Bright lights and carpets all over are what you expected right? Well, while this is true for most casinos, there are a few casinos with beautifully designed interiors. These casinos invested a lot of money to hire the best designed for their establishments.

The result is 5 beautiful casino construction designs that are sure to shock you:

1) Morpheus Casino, Macau

Morpheus Casino in Macau was designed by Zaha Habid, winner of the prestigious Pritzker Architecture Prize. One of the last jobs she did was the design of this beautiful casino, shortly before her death in 2016.

Costing $1.1 billion, it’s designed with an exoskeleton that has been termed as ‘flamboyant’ and ‘insane’ by guests. The 42-story building also includes a luxurious hotel, fit for kings.

The futuristic architecture is what makes this casino one of the most beautiful casino designs in the world. If ever in Macau, be sure to visit and play a round of blackjack in their exclusive gaming saloons.

2) The Bellagio, Las Vegas

Bellagio is one of the greats for a reason. It’s super popular with several movies, music videos, and TV shows featuring its beautiful architecture.

Its one of the casinos owned and operated by MGM Resorts International and has 14k sqft. of gardens. Every time you visit this casino, you are going to find a new experience waiting for you. 

Also, you won’t find a single clock on the walls of the casino here. This is to prevent customers from being distracted while playing. Of course, if you are making a killing at the craps table, who cares about the time, right?

3) Casino De Monte Carlo, Monaco

Monaco is the lap of luxury in the world. So, there’s no surprise that Casino De Monte Carlo makes it to the most beautiful casino designs list.

This casino is one of the most famous gambling resorts in the world. It’s popular because of the many James Bond movies that showcase this beautiful casino.

4) The Venetian, Las Vegas

The Venetian is another Las Vegas gem of casino construction design, inspired by the equally beautiful city of Venice.  CasinosJungle.com has rated this one of the top 5 casinos in Nevada. It has been around since 1999 and has a 36-story building that includes a decked-out casino and a classy hotel.

You can also enjoy a gondola ride around the casino, just like you would in the canals of Venice.  And if you get enough time from all the entertainment, you can hit the poker tables and play some casino games.

5) Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa, Atlantic City

The Borgata Hotel & Casino used to be a health resort in the 19th century but is now a beautiful casino. It takes after Tuscan and Modernism as inspirations with its architectural designs. It is also the third-largest building in the city.

It also got a two-story spa as well as 180 table games for you to enjoy on. And if you are one of the high valued clients of the hotel, you can even enjoy flying in their private jets.  


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